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Why wouldn’t I use my insurance?

Todays insurance environment has effectively eliminated most small to medium loss coverages due to high deductibles, low-priced repair matrixes and forced discounts on parts and labor. So in many cases, your insurance won’t pay out anyway.

Does this plan eliminate my Dealers Open Lot Insurance?

No, this plan works in conjunction with Dealers Open Lot.

How can you do it, if my insurance won’t?

Our nationwide contracts with service providers allows us to leverage our buying power to control repair costs.

What if the damage exceeds my contract coverage?

If it is determined that your damage exceeds your per car contract, which aligns with your insurance deductible, our team will assist with the claims handling, including site management and audit services. Our repair teams will perform the PDR repairs at the discounted rate shown in your contract.

Do I have to repair my inventory, or can I take the money?

ZHD provides PDR services, and in no case will provide a cash settlement. This applies to all hail losses where PDR repairs can be made.

Do you fix broken glass, or broken parts?

No, this service only applies to metal body panels that can be repaired using PDR.

If a claim with my insurance carrier is required, will I be able to use some of the claims proceeds to discount my cars?

Yes, If your insurance is called upon, our contracted repair companies agree to complete the PDR repairs, leaving the replacement of damaged parts to the dealership.  This gives the dealer ultimate control of the loss proceeds.

Do I pay my deductible if the damage exceeds the contract coverage and an insurance claim is necessary?

No, ZHD always takes care of your PDR repairs, even when an insurance claim is necessary.

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